"To have your child walk through our door as just your everyday kid and walk out as a fully fledged confident POPSTAR KID!"

During our workshops your Popstar Kid will get to experience what an actual Popstar does in real life: 

  • Learning a new song and having it choreographed for a live performance
  • Take part in a mini film clip
  • A professional photoshoot just as the "real" celebrity would do it
  • Create a mini film clip ( some workshops only) 
  • Hair and Make up styled and pampering like a top charting Popstar
  • A personal stylist to dress the band (and solo artists) stage & shoot ready.
  • A professional recording at a top notch industry studio (solo add on only)                                                                                                     
  • How to work as a team choosing your own look, name, sound and feel                                                                                                          
  • Social Media fun with a trained Mentor and so much more.....