With 3 main age groups for both boys and girls:

MINI POPSTARz (Prep-grade 2/3), 

TWEEN POPSTARz (grade 3/4-grade 6)  

TEEN POPSTARz (grade 6/7-grade 10)

Each age group takes 15 bookings maximum per workshop so that students can be split into girl/boy bands of 3-5 members. 

When you sign up to be in a Popstar Kid GROUP during the our workshops your Popstar kid will:

*Create their girl/boy bands own name, 

*Help create their groups look while being mentored by our industry stylist

*Be given a cool pop song to learn with the help of superstar mentor Charne Louise ( Draculas MD & The Voice Top 100) 

*Learn a dance routine with professional choreography by Enya Angel 

*Have a professional group photoshoot with the chosen group Photo going on their very own cool Poster 

*Perform their song for friends and family at the live concert on the Friday night.

*Pizza Party Friday 

*Get a group Q&A session and live performance from our special industry guest mentor ( see the mentor tab for previous mentors)

** Please note these activities can vary from workshop to workshop