"THE VOICE" 2019 season 

As an Artist, Jesse Teinaki’s ambition is driven by a want or even a need, to bridge the social gap between self-destruction, acceptance and understanding. Teinaki’s music tell his story of pain and anguish, in hope that others walking the same path can connect and find comfort in hearing a relatable fight. In addition, Teinaki strives to shine a light on the reality of these issues for those who don’t suffer directly, to give an understanding of the severe impacts on certain people’s lives. 

With intent to paint his vision on a global canvas, Jesse Teinaki encapsulates the meaning of what it is to be a modern music artist, adopting a mentality that music holds a power and a voice.

His talent and vision is not limited to conventional perceptions of singer-songwriters, with multi-instrumentalist, top-liner and creative director included in his schedule. Although top-lining is new for Teinaki, he recently co-wrote on In Stereo's 'Day In Day Out' EP which debuted at No. 1 on Australia's iTunes Pop Charts and No. 3 on the ARIA Album Charts which, alongside other sessions, has gained interest by other Artists and Producers to collaborate.

In previous years, Teinaki was handpicked to support Bon Jovi on his stadium Australian tour, placed in the Top 4 Under 25 Boys in Australia’s X-Factor, and has received recognition as a songwriter attaining awards through programs including the prestigious Telstra Road To Discovery People’s Choice Award.

The past year has been invested in personal growth and development, working independently and connecting on a deeper level with his producer in the studio. 2018 has seen Teinaki release an EP (Heart’s Demise) and a stand alone single (Alright), which were independent and self-funded releases which takes us to 2019 where Jesse graced The Voice stage.